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Iron Butt Rally 2009 Riding over a 1000 miles for breast cancer

What is the Iron Butt Rally….exactly?  064The Iron Butt Rally is held in the United States every two years. The Iron Butt first ran in 1984. In 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987 the rally started from Montgomeryville Cycle Center near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Iron Butt was not held again until 1991 when it came under the management of the Iron Butt Association. While the basic format of the original rally remained, two important things have changed; to ensure the quality of the event, the rally is run every other year and the starting and ending points are rotated to different locations within the United States.

Beginning in 1993, shorter rides were arranged that lasted in duration from one to many days, and while the Iron Butt Rally is a large, organized event with a plotted course, the other rides are left up to the competitor to accomplish at their own accord. Some riders prefer to complete a ride solo, while some clubs have arranged rides in groups of up to 30 riders. But while the Rally is a monitored event, the riders of other events must monitor themselves, Like the SS1000, BB1500, and BBG1500, thorough documentation of the ride must be made, by collecting time-stamped gas and business receipts along the way, and by keeping a trip log recording mileage and location. These documents are then submitted by mail with a fee to the IBA, where it is then processed and an award given if the requirements are met.

This past August 21, was to be the 25th anniversary of the IBA, kicking off in Spartanburg, South Carolina . A hundred riders facing 11 days and 11,000 nonstop miles to their final destination in Sandpoint Idaho on September 4th.  My friend, Dwain DeVille, a successful business man, recent author of  The Bikers guide to Business, and a cancer survivor, joined the girls of RibbonRiders to raise money for breast cancer. Together, they successfully did one leg of this adventure in a 24 hour time period.

Below is  a short note telling the inside story of his experience and how it felt.

 Hey there Cindi,

Ahhh, the Iron Butt.  What a wonderful day.  The ride was awesome and the ladies were killer to ride with. I accompanied a group called The Ribbon Riders, a ladies bike club that raises money for breast cancer .  The founder is a friend’s wife and when she contacted me for a donation on their Iron Butt adventure I begged her to let me come along as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years.  And the ladies agreed as long as I rode in the appropriate spot, last.  Little did they know that’s my preferred spot anyway.

 Overall it was an outstanding ride.  No rain but we hit four major traffic jams that cost us 3 hours in time.   So instead of it taking 17 hours it took 20.  But we pushed through and I couldn’t be more proud of the group for riding hard and strong the entire time.  I’d ride with those ladies anywhere at anytime. 


By the numbers:

 5:00 a.m. kickstands up – 1059 total miles – 20 hours in the saddle – 24 hours awake – 9 riders – 3 states – 2:00 a.m. I became Iron Butt Certified, one of the World’s Toughest Bikers – 3:00 a.m. I showered and drank1well deserved Budweiser. …1 HUGE checkmark!

058On the book front it’s only in the first week of being out and I’ve given 5 radio interviews across the country.  I’ve also been approached by a Harley dealer in Louisiana to hold a book signing for their anniversary in October…kinda cool.  We’re now marketing that to dealers across the country and I think it should take off. 




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