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Twitter: a life altering experience

twitter birdAfter listening to my very good friend and roommate, Jeannine tell me over and over that if I want to promote  Style Saver Scarves and really get them out there, I needed to start blogging and Tweeting!   I would just stare at her,day after day,  with a blank look on my face and nod my head in agreement not having a clue what she was talking about.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I was familiar with blogging, not sure what it did exactly, and what it could possibly do for me and my scarves, but I had heard about blogging.  That was good enough for me!

It was the Tweet thing, I had no idea about.  I remember a while back Jeannine talking about how 23 people were following her while we both busily typing away on our computers one night in our office.  I said politely, “oh, that’s great!’ and thinking  “what the hell??” And why is this so great? I guess, if I had really thought about it, I would love to have 23 people following me.  I guess I could invite them over to dinner when they got tired of blindly following me around? At least offer them a beverage…

@robdale and I, over looking the Pacific at the Marin Headlands, CA

@robdale and I, over looking the Pacific at the Marin Headlands, CA

 How can I begin to explain to a “non Twitter” person of all the great experiences, gifts and incredible people I have met, chatting on line as well as in person?  How do I now begin to explain about all the people following me, and to try and convince them, no, I’m not egotistical or self indulgent, it’s just how Twitter works!  Although, you have to wonder for those Tweeter folks who have thousands of people following them, if doesn’t go to their heads just a little bit?! 

I would just like to share some of the great people and experiences I have had in the past 6 months from being on Twitter….

 I have acquired 3 signed books directly from the authors. The first two were gifts, the first from Carla King, Author of Misadventures American Borders.  Carla graciously invited me over to her house after my request to review my Style Saver Scarf.  Not only did she do two reviews and tweeted about the scarf, she gave me one of her books, signed it along with fresh plumbs off  her tree.  The second, was Dwain DeVille, author of  Biker’s Guide to Business.  An informative book creatively merging the biker with the business man mentality.  You would be surprised how similar they are, and Dwain should know, he is successful at both.  The third book I purchased from Christina Shook, a talented photographer at her book signing at Bender’s Bar in San Francisco after @robdale’s suggestion.  I had briefly met Christina at the AMA Women’s Conference in Keystone CO. Rob, who was visiting from Ottawa Canada ( the capital of Canada!) told me about Christina’s book signing and since I was giving him the royal tour of my home town of San Francisco,  we couldn’t miss out on seeing another fellow Tweeter, and snatch a copy of her vast array of eclectic women riders from the greater Bay Area.

Carla King and I, attending the AMA Conf. Keystone CO

Carla King and I, attending the AMA Conf. Keystone CO

 I was also invited to be involved in the team, working with several other correspondents from all over the globe. It’s been a great experience getting to know each of the team members and the head of the team, Jeff, or EL Jefe as he is affectionately called by his confidants. I am new into this field but I am having fun with it and look forward to indulging into the sport of motorcycle racing with great alacrity!

Some of the great people I have met, @themotoworld, Paul, with his informative podcasts of some of the most inspiring motorcycle racers, men and women alike with his great sense of the profession as well as a kick in the butt sense of humor. Always offering his expertise. @robdale, a brave solo-navigating Canadian, who rode across America and back again, taking on the experiences of the road and all that goes with it. Listening to his GPS scream at him in the voice of “Stewie” whenever he took a wrong turn, which was often! Competently meeting his Twitter friends along the way. @SonnyJohns, a media guy in Austin TX, who has been so kind to me, always introducing me to a friend of his or new product or technology. Many times not knowing at the time, what the relevance is to me, but, always in the end, it making sense! @lilredridingliz, for being my mentor, my confidant and one of my best friends!

@bunnyTN, @businessbiker, @partygurle, @russdailey, @muneio, @bikermomma,@wvlover, djmissfrenchie, @tammygorali, @moto123, @mikewerner, @julianz, @motoracereports, @skadamo, @motorcyclefans, @davecontini, @jearle, @sportster_rich, @fireypinkgirl, @smoothbiker and the many more that I am probably missing…
Rob Dale, Christina Shook and I, " Chicks on Bikes" book signing at Bender's Bar SF CA

Rob Dale, Christina Shook and I, " Chicks on Bikes" book signing at Bender's Bar SF CA

It’s just amazing to me in these last several months how many contacts, as well as friends I have made with this crazy social media called Twitter! I found myself becoming embarrassingly “addicted” to it!  I wake up to it, I check it several times a day at work, I go home to it, I go to bed to it. It’s become a colossal as a part of my life.  Now, the challenge to find a balance with life and Twitter, the million dollar question: can it be done?! 

Maybe it’s a question I don’t need to answer right now, I’ll just keep meeting new people and having fun in the interim! 

Thanks to every one of my fellow Twitter friends, it’s been a blast!



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  1. Excellent post Cindi!!! d(^-^)b
    I was talking to a friend of mine last night and he just doesn’t get Twitter (he’s not on it). It was so hard for me to explain, but I tried and told him about all the wonderful people that I’ve met and talk to on a daily basis…
    I had no idea you had this blog so I’m gonna have to catch up on the posts. Thank you for the mention too! 😀

    Comment by Maria aka PartyGurle | November 3, 2009 | Reply

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