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Another Case in Point of “Being in Forward Motion.”

Liz and I at the Style Saver booth

Liz and I at the Style Saver booth

Fervent anticipation ….or was it just plain old fashion fear? Probably a little of both, leaning towards the latter.

Sunday, October 18 at the Penngrove Park in lovely Penngrove CA was to be the location where the 4th annual Chilly Billy Memorial run was to end its 100 mile + ride to help raise money for children with diabetes. And as I set up my booth for Style Saver Scarves, with the help of my good friend, Liz, I wondered, if this was all going to be worth it.

2 months ago my friend Cathy sent me a message on Facebook telling me of a motorcycle event to take place in mid October, they were looking for venders and the hook that reeled me in was it was free!  All I had to do was donate an item worth $25.00 in retail value.  This is an opportunity not to be missed, being my online motorcycle scarf company had been in circulation for a mere 2 years and holding, but in much need of a marketing boost. 

I vacillated about making the commitment to do this event.  To date: I possessed no marketing tools in advertising, such as flyers, banners etc. I didn’t have a tent, tables, no display racks to display the scarves and, most importantly, NO scarves to sell! Liz and I were sewing as the orders would come in, but  Liz, nor I were finding the time to create an inventory with our increasingly busy lives.

One month to the day, I decided to “go” for it. I often recite the phrase “I’m in forward motion” to myself when I am feeling stifled or like I’m just not moving ahead.  It’s where, I find, I am most happy, in forward motion. So, how could I pass this opportunity handed to me on a silver platter? I couldn’t, so I got on Craigslist, and placed an ad in the “gig offered” section for a seamstress.  And the calls poured in, the first one was within a minute of me posting the ad.  I interviewed and hired 3 women to aide Liz and I in our endeavour to successfully sew 120 scarves in 30 days time!

Once I called Buddy with Rip City Riders, the club hosting the event, to tell him I was indeed participating, I was on a full out mission!  I had seamstresses coming to my house sewing, I went to their house to pick up scarves, I had banners ordered, post cards, mannequin heads, material, a credit card terminal, additional packaging,  price list signs to be made, and everything else I borrowed.  I borrowed my girl friend, Lisa’s two 6 foot tables, my sister’s truck, and she borrowed a canopy tent from her friend, I borrowed my girl friend Randy’s display stands. Everyone unselfishly, delivered it all to me.  I just remember thinking, if this event is a total bomb, just knowing that I have friends and family that will come to my aid with such generosity made it all worth the effort and expense,  it’s overwhelming to think about now.  How many people are in my life that want to help me.

The day before the Chilly Billy ride, we successfully had manufactured 145 scarves, 25 over my projected target! All I had to do is package the scarves, load the truck and try not to forget anything before I left!  I looked like I was leaving for a month by the looks of my sister’s SUV!

I met Liz at the park at 9:00am, they riders were due to come in at around 12:30 to 1:00pm.  We unloaded the truck and set up our shop! It looked great, we sat and waited in anticipation for our busy afternoon ahead…we hoped!  My mother came, my cousin, Rhonda and her friend James, Donna and Devon also stopped by to hang with us. It was great to receive so much support again, from everyone.  Liz and I were struggling to get potential customers to come over and try on one of the scarves.  Liz was great at enticing people to fill out our “enter to win” contest, but couldn’t land a sale.  And I was useless at both, I was like the shrinking violet! I have owned a hair salon for years, never having a problem selling my talents to my clients, but selling a scarf that I designed and made was too much for me to handle!  I clearly need to work on this!

We had a lot of people come by the booth and they were great fun, some bought scarves, some just filled out our “enter to win” contest forms, some just wanted to chit chat and some just smiled as they walked by. At the end of the day I wasn’t any richer in my pocket, but what I did come away with was a richer out look on the experience as a whole.  I learned about what works in marketing the scarves with a potential customer, meaning, what is the selling point in which people become interested in the product? How I have to relax and not be so personally attached to my product. It’s okay if not every single person doesn’t want to buy a Style Saver Scarf.  I learned from my cousin, Rhonda,who had an uncanny knack for selling, she made most of my sales.  I watched and listened to her as she would approach a female rider and tell them how fashionable they looked and how they needed a “fashionable” scarf to compliment their sartorial style. She was simply amazing!

So, today, the day after my debut selling Style Saver Scarves at a public venue, becoming more excited about all the great ways to market this great product, I am a richer, more enlightened person, all because  I made a conscious decision to move in a “forward motion.” And it feels fantastic!

Thank you everyone for helping to make it happen,


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  1. Okay, so you didn’t sell as many scarves as you had hoped, but from how you word this blog, the day was a massive success for you! That’s exciting. Let’s face it, when you begin a new business, one of the greatest things you can discover in the first few years is … YOU.

    Discovering your strengths and weaknesses, the areas you need to put more energy into, the type of people you need to surround yourself with to be successful, and the things that play to your own gifts and talents, are as valuable as the money you might generate. Sure, they don’t put food on the table, but if you can learn and grow at the beginning, you’ll be much further ahead when the business does take off with more sales.

    I love how you are viewing this event. It was a huge success – as long as you understand what success is.

    Proud of ya!

    Comment by Rob | October 20, 2009 | Reply

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