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The parallels of life in motorcycling

I recently was reading in one of my numerous motorcycle publications, Rider Magazine’s “Riding Well” column, by Eric Trow, in which he compares riding techniques to football. Who would have thought to translate “staying in the pocket” to creating a safety bubble in traffic to establish a degree of protection, but, I have to admit, he makes a point, riding has an uncanny way of translating into life’s experiences.

And when I took the great leap of faith to ride, I don’t think I consciously took it up to improve on my psyche, but rather to prove  to myself I could accomplish a difficult physical task.  Little did I know, several years later, motorcycling was not only to be a physical learning experience, but a mental one as well.  I have talked about being in the moment with the assistance of buddhism in motorcycling and now most recently, again, I am finding my life once again paralleling my riding.

In two months time will be th one year mark of my divorce, an anniversary I am not proud to celebrate, but grateful, none the same, that it took place. After being single for the first 10 years of my adult life and finally finding comfort in being single, I met my husband. We married two years later and for the most of the 15 years of marriage I was happy, but things and events happened and sometimes what you thought would never take place in your life is starring you right in the face. Though it was one of the most difficult decisions  in my life, I am now, once again,  a solo rider, riding the roads of life on my own and learning to enjoy it.

I frequently go out on my motorcycle alone, taking day trips out to the coast or to the wine country in Napa Ca, and it’s great, not having to worry about watching behind me or ahead of me, to be completely insouciant in my ride. To only be concerned about me in how fast do I want to go, do I want to pull over and take a picture, or suddenly, on whim,  decide to take an alternate route.   But it’s evident to me I don’t ride as well alone, as I do with others. And so it goes in my personal life.  I love having the freedom to do as I like as a single person, but find I am at my best in a partnership.

I’m at the vertex of my strengths and abilities when I ride with others, I find myself on my game and competently riding in the moment with every nerve sensory alive and kicking.  I love the camaraderie with my fellow riders, engaging in conversation when taking  fuel and/or lunch breaks or just using the universal “hand” language that riders have perfected over the years. Just like couples do after years of being together and carrying on a conversation with no words and somehow deciphering what each other is communicating!    

I enjoy encouraging my fellow riders when they are having an off day riding or compliment them when it’s evident, they are expert riders,  and I love to have it reciprocated as well. To take in the beauty of the surroundings and enjoying it with others who appreciate what being on the motorcycle gives to the rider.   The simple act of working as a team in getting from one point to another, interacting and supporting one another along the way,  in riding as in life, we as individuals can choose to ride solo.  But why do it when the ride is so much more fulfilling when it’s shared?

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  1. Nice post…there is certainly an inner feeling of freedom when we have the opportunity to experience the open road.

    At certain times, motorcycling can be like a form of meditation, where you can clear your mind and focus on nothing except the beauty that is around you!

    Comment by Faceyman | December 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. Cindi, that was an awesome post. Very well said…I feel the exact same way on all those points you touched about with riding with others and riding alone. (As well as being your best in a relationship) I understand where you’re coming from on this one 🙂

    And ditto on Facey’s comment!

    Comment by Maria | December 11, 2009 | Reply

  3. Great read, Cindi

    Comment by goldiron | December 13, 2009 | Reply

  4. Well said Cindi, I couldn’t agree with you more. Sorry I didn’t see this earlier; have a Little Sister who’s been down this path too & have been talking her through the process.

    Comment by Jan | January 27, 2010 | Reply

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