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Jenny Tinmouth- A Perfect 10

Recently I had the great pleasure to interview one of the most talented, successful women racers to race the Isle of Man TT for 2009, Jenny Tinmouth. Jenny was my first official interview for Women Racer Wednesday on the Moto Race Reports Website, a orginzation which I became involved with this past year. My love for riding has blossomed into a passion for racing and the women and men that put their lives on the line for that same passion.  By becoming a contributing editor and a part of a multi-talented International team, Moto Race Reports; it has given me a great opportunity to expand my knowledge in motorcycle racing and to meet some amazing people who are involved in the sport. I have learned that everyone has a story and to continue on this fascinating road is just like heaven to me!  Thank you Jeff and my fabulous team at Moto Race Reports for allowing me this wonderful experience!


Jenny Tinmouth 2009 Isle of Man TT

  Jenny Tinmouth  A Perfect “10”

Jenny Tinmouth is an attractive tall, slender 31-year-old residing in Ellesmere Port in Cheshire England, just south of Liverpool, with an undeniable talent for racing motorbikes.With a background professionally racing in the125cc class, she soon graduated to supersport, competing in and around her local area.  Jenny most recently took on the Isle of Man TT road race in 2009, becoming one of the fastest women racers to ever lap the grueling historic 37.8 mile course that takes place every spring for a fort night.

Moto Race Reports delves a little deeper into the racing career of this enigmatic girl, and what she foresees for the future and beyond.

MRR- Jenny, what prompted you to get into riding/racing and when, and what was your first motorbike?

 J. Tinmouth – I just loved anything to do with motorsport cars or bikes, my Dad had a bike and I got my first one when I was 17 it was a Suzuki TS125 X

 MRR- Can you give us a brief history of your racing career to date?

J. Tinmouth- I started out in late 1999 on my Road bike a Honda VFR400 it was 100% standard and mega slow compared to the race ones, I did a couple of meetings on that and then sold it to buy a Honda RS125 gp bike.

I stayed with the 125’s from then through club racing, into the MRO (national Championship) and then into the British 125’s in 2003. I switched to Supersport 600 in 2008 after wanting to for about 3 years but lack of funds meant I couldn’t, I didn’t have enough money to do it when I did and it was a proper now or never wing and a prayer kind of thing, I missed the start of the season, but just managed to make it to the end after being rescued by a new sponsor three rounds from the end.

MRR- What prompted your decision in making the leap from the 125cc class to the

Supersport 600cc class?

J. Tinmouth – I just wanted to, my whole ambition was to make it in racing somehow or other BSK is still my aim although I never realized just how much money you need to make it in racing, and the natural progression would be 125’s to 250 to supersport then superbike, but with no 250’s it was onto a Supersport bike to progress.

 MRR- For most women who ride, I think we have an intrinsic curiosity why successful female racers, such as yourself, go to the extreme as a motorcyclist. Why did you choose to go to the extreme?


J. Tinmouth – I don’t really know, there are many ambitious women out there trying to be the best at what they do whether that be in business or in sport, I just love it so much, I love the speed, exhilaration and adrenalin rush I suppose and I ‘ve always been pretty competitive right from school.

I always wanted to be the best at whatever I did and I try even harder when, in other people’s eyes, something can’t be done, but I do the racing for myself for my own satisfaction and sense of achievement. No one can tell me what to do, I’ve put heart and sole and everything I have into it and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come.

MRR- In 2009 you raced the Isle of Man TT, how was the experience for you and how did you do?

J. Tinmouth – It was a fantastic experience I’ve always known that it is a special place to race at, but I never had a complete understanding for just how great it was, until I rode there. To ride the course is fantastic it’s just unreal!

To get your head around the fact that someone has shut off the roads for your own personal use, it’s every bikers dream! And the whole place is just magical it is like a bikers paradise! I had a great time and I was pleased with how I rode and made up with my Sponsored Honda Fireblade I rode as I was a little apprehensive coming off the 600cc and on to the 1000cc and trying to race it on a road circuit, but it was just amazing and I felt totally at home on it.

MRR- What are your goals and objectives for this coming race season and does the Isle of Man TT play a part for 2010?

J. Tinmouth –Yes I am racing at the IOM again on my 600 and on a Fireblade again, I also have an electric bike to race in the TTZero for Team Agni, which I am extremely looking forward to.  I am racing in the British Supersport Cup again under the banner and I’m  just hoping to improve on last years performance, I ran out of money last year and it cost me 5th in the Championship.

I’m just hoping I can find enough sponsorship this season, as I am desperate to do really well but I can’t without funds as it’s just so unbelievably expensive at British Championship level. There is no support out there for riders like myself, you have to work doubly hard to try to raise your own funds.


MRR- And finally, what is the Special TT Sponsors “People Power Page” all about on your Web site

J. Tinmouth- I’m basically trying to raise funds for the TT and for my racing this season. I am so desperate to do well and I need sponsorship to do it.  I am offering people space on my race bike, basically you can have your own name, company name or website on the faring of my TT fireblade for £50, I’ll post you out a signed picture and certificate of sponsorship as well as keeping you up to date with my progress through the year and during the IOM TT and add you to my People Power page on my website.

I hope this was a good idea as it gives people the opportunity to help a rider without breaking the bank and you can become involved in the sport and be part of a team.  I am hoping people will be interested and everyone who signs up will be helping to keep me on track in 2010 for which I would be unbelievably grateful!

To follow Jenny and her ongoing adventures in moto racing, you can find her at under Jenny’s Journal.

And also, with Jenny’s innovative idea in creating a “People Power Page”, she invites all race fans to be a part of her race at the Isle of Man TT for 2010 just by making a very small contribution that goes directly to her racing team. How awesome would it be to see your name on a famous racing bike for a mere £50!?

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