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Elena Myers Interview ~ Making history…again!


Elena Myers at the Wine Country Winner's Circle

After establishing a Daytona first just weeks ago by becoming the youngest female to race the circuit. Elena Myers, the 16 year old petite blond, surpassed her expectations this past weekend and made history once again!This time keeping it in her backyard, she took possession of the winners cup in the Supersport division this past Saturday, May 15th at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma CA; becoming the first female to ever win in the AMA pro road race.

With a red flag less than halfway through an 18 lap race, Elena managed to hold her vacillating front position with her main contender, Joey Pascarella, for most of the race. Unfortunately for Pascarella, he went on to cause the second red flag by losing control of his Ducati at turn 10, a couple laps later. Leaving a clear path to the finish line for Elena’s Suzuki GSX-R.

Moto Race Reports, Cindi Servante was granted a few minutes to chat with Elena in her Monster Energy Suzuki van before going on to claim her history-making victory center stage at the podium.    




MRR- How did you feel this morning going out on the track for qualifying times?    

Elena Myers- I placed 7th overall from yesterday and the final today, but something is going on with my foot. An injury I had from Road Atlanta. Today I got a cortisone shot in it and its feeling better. Yesterday, it hurt and I couldn’t put any clean laps in and this morning it was cold and damp, so I was worried about increasing my speed and going faster.    

MRR- Do you think your foot injury is going to hinder your performance today and tomorrow?    

Elena Myers- I thought about it, and it seemed that every 6 laps it starts bugging me. But I got the shot, so hopefully it will feel a lot better for the next two days. I thought my foot was completely healed from Road Atlanta, but it’s a nerve injury and I guess it takes a little longer to heal.    

MRR- Can you work past the pain and still able to obtain your goals for this race weekend?    

Elena Myers- I think I can. It was just really cold and damp this morning and so it’s hard to tell right now.    

MRR- How does it feel to be racing at Infineon as an AMA Pro Road Racer?    

Elena Myers- I haven’t raced here before, but I think it’s good. My family has come out here today to watch me. I think it’s going to be a fun event; I’m looking forward to it.    

MRR- How do you like the Suzuki GSXR over the Kawasaki ZX6R? Have you had to make any adjustments in how you ride and approach the track?    

Elena Myers- The Suzuki and the Kawasaki are two totally different machines, they handle totally different.  With the Kawasaki, it seemed to have constant “chattering” problem, so I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it this year. I’m working on my riding to take full advantage of the Suzuki, because it’s a rider’s bike. The Kawasaki reminds me of a 125cc, you really have to get on the throttle.    

Elena Myers Infineon Raceway

MRR- How is it going with your new team M4 Monster Energy Suzuki?    

Elena Myers- Suzuki is great! With my team, I have the best technical support system behind me; they definitely know what they are doing. I made a promise to John Ulvich when I was 10 or 11 to race for his team one day. I knew he had also signed successful racers like John Hopkins, so it became a goal.    

But, Kawasaki was my start, they signed me at thirteen and without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.    

MRR- How did it feel racing Daytona and becoming the youngest female to ever compete there?    

Elena Myers- It was a lot of fun. The track has some great things about it; there were things I had to learn about it, though. The banking was pretty crazy the first day out, but once I got it down, it was a great weekend!    

MRR- For half of your 16 years, motorcycles has been a part of your life. How did you get into motorcycling and on to racing?    

Elena Myers- My dad has a great passion for motorcycles and introduced it to me when I was eight years old.  He was a racer too, but only as an amateur, he actually raced with the AFM here at Infineon, so, it’s kind of cool that I am here today.    

MRR- With your career accelerating by leap and bounds this past year, what are your goals for next season?    

Elena Myers- Next year I have thoughts about going to Daytona Sportbike or maybe staying in Supersport. We’ll see what the sponsors want; right now they want to be seen on TV and in the big show, and that seems to be happening.    

I would like at least be in the top 3 for the championship, but I’m taking it race by race and not really worrying about it.    

MRR- Do you see women racing in MotoGP in the near future, lets say, in 5 years time?    

Elena Myers- I haven’t really thought about it before. Maybe by the time I’m twenty one. I would love to get into Moto2 and use it as a stepping stone to get to the level of the GP. The whole series that they have going on there is far superior to what we have here. The MotoGP, to me, are the best riders in the world, all competing together. But, even if I made it to the Moto2, it would be an amazing experience.    

 We congratulate Elena Myers in her exceptional win at Infineon and wish her the best of luck with the remaining races on her provisional race calendar for 2010. But somehow, we don’t think she’ll need it!    

Cheers Elena!

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