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Day One~ WSBK at Miller Motorsports Park


Salt Lake City

My decision to go to the World Superbike event in Tooele Utah, 30 minutes outside of Salt Lake City UT was to originally be a solo trip for me. It was to mark the second trip that I had ever taken on my own without knowing a soul. My first was two years ago at the Femmoto women’s track day in Las Vegas NV, which turned out to be an exceptional experience. Not only because I went there alone, not knowing a soul, but because of the reason I went; to demo more than 12 motorcycles by a dozen or more manufactures at the Las Vegas Speedway, making it one of the most memorable trips of my life.

 I determined Miller was to be my next independent trip I would take.

This idea lasted about 2 days, when I found out 3 of my NMP (National Motorcycle Patrol) friends were planning to ride to Miller to work the track. I was thrilled about this idea, how fun would it be to ride to Utah and work the track? My original idea was to do some reporting for Moto Race Reports. Who I was going to report on and how, was the bigger question!

With the hastening of these past few months, rapidly morphing into today, the first day of my trip, it amazes me how many times it has changed.  I ultimately decided to use my flight ticket I had purchased prior to all the alterations. Time and weather became the deciding factor for me. And so I sit, at 9pm in my cozy hotel room, with a gorgeous view of the snow-capped mountains in the distance waiting for my NMP friends to arrive.

With numerous text messages back and forth from Ann, I was able to keep up with what was going on below, as I cruised 35,000 feet above them. Ann made it to Winnemucca before she gave into the grueling elements that was getting the best of her half way through the trip. I had to laugh, what a perfect place to “crap” out! Paul, Jordan, Nick and Eric rode on through freezing cold and wet conditions. Paul’s girlfriend, Casey drove the chase truck with Ann’s SV in tow, which served to save the day on more than one occasion, along with another friend, Dimitri driving in tandem with his car.

It’s now 9:44pm and they have just arrived at Miller. Thank god!! I decided to stay the first night at my originally booked hotel in downtown Salt Lake City, while the gang is staying in Tooele, so I will not see them tonight. With the exception of a few out-of-town motorcycles parked out front of the hotel, it’s virtually a ghost town around here. Strange and disturbing.

Tomorrow, since it’s a light race day, my plan is to interview one of the two people on my list. I would love to divulge who it is, but my Chief Editor would have my head, so I will just leave it at that!

And with the exceptionally successful efforts from Moto Race Reports, and a BMW Motorrad pass it will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings….. I’ll be sure to let you know!


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