Motoette -in forward motion

Motoette; continuing on in forward motion

To all my limited, but valued readers,

I sincerely apologise for my lack of entries since my last MotoGP report at Valencia back in November, 2011. Just to give you a little insight into the last eight months, I no longer write MotoGP race reports for (as if you didn’t notice), but still contribute casually, on occasion.  I am now doing travel blogs for travel adventure author Carla King’s Happily working with five other talented writers, as well as guest writers, enlightening  Northern California’s visiting and local motorcyclist where to find the best routes, delicious food,  comfy lodging and fun events to try when you get there!

I won’t lie, it’s going to be difficult giving up living the glamorous motorcycle racing life, by portraying a professional photographer and reluctantly having to give up my press pass status that allowed me access to the best seats on the circuit. It will be interesting when I head down to Laguna Seca Raceway, in Monterey CA in the next few weeks, arriving with nothing more than a general admission ticket and a limited paddock pass!

I sound like such a snob, but the reality is, the special privilege came with a lot of work to be accomplished. Don’t get me wrong, it was heaven on earth, but it was also a lot of hard work. My boy friend and race colleague, Matt, is looking forward to going to the races as an ordinary spectator, to just enjoy the race and the festive surroundings. I guess I should too!

Moving on to, does not mean to imply that I have given up attending and photographing motorcycle races. On the contrary, I will blogging about my maiden voyage to the Isle of Man TT race, this past June. A spur of the moment trip of a life time, that basically fell into our laps by happenstance… and good timing on the part of my better half!

As I mentioned earlier, I will be making my annual trek down to Laguna Seca at the Mazda Raceway in the extraordinarily beautiful seaside town of Monterey, CA. In staying with tradition, I will be swinging by BorrowLenses in San Carlos and picking up my favorite fixed 2.8 200 G-lens for my Sony A65 DSLR, to get up close and personal with the racers. But,  having a 5’4 stature, I think I might throw a small step stool in,  just to ensure I can clear the cyclone fencing! what will be new to the mix is my BMW F800ST! Riding the 3 hour+ coastal hwy one byway for the first time in my five years of attending the majestic race.

I look forward to hopefully seeing you down there, I shouldn’t be hard to find amongst the zealous mass, just look for the short, blond girl with a ridiculously long camera lens and a step stool!


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  1. I wish you well in your new endeavors! Can’t wait to read about them too!

    Comment by helmetorheels | July 16, 2012 | Reply

    • Thank you Pamela, I always looks forward to reading your posts as well!

      Comment by motoette | July 16, 2012 | Reply

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